The Day That I Return

This is our music video, Directed by- Kevin Wayne, for the song - "The Day That I Return"

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Justify These Scars: The Story

Justify These Scars are one of the most successful punk bands in Birmingham, Al. The band currently receives air play on XM-Sirius Radio and hundreds of stations around the globe. Like most punk bands, J.T.S. formed in the basement of the lead singer (Mike "Frog"
Ray) back in 2007. J.T.S. has gone on to do several regional
and east coast tours. They have shared the stage with the likes of The
Misfits, Agnostic Front, The Queers, The Dead Boys,  Murphys Law, Unkown Hinson, Helmet, Michale
Graves, Dax Riggs, Marky Ramone, Whole Wheat Bread, Joe Buck/Hank
3, Deadbolt, The Murder Junkies, Maylene,Dr. Chuds X-Ward, and The Sons Of Disaster just to name a few. The band currently has 1 E.P. and 2 more CD's under their belt. Furthermore, J.T.S. has recorded a track called - "Swamp Ass" with former
Danzig/Samhain bassist Eeri Von. Justify These Scars has built a
large following in the area through hard work, tireless
promotion via social and print media, and old school D.I.Y.
philosophy. The are on F.I.H. records and are
getting ready to release there debut CD for the label. This album will
receive world wide distribution.The bottom line is, J.T.S. puts on a great show and bring a brand of punk music that all can enjoy.



Birmingham, AL, USA


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